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Incentives for up to 50% of project costs

Plan. Set your energy efficiency projects and make a plan to achieve them.
Do. Work with Thunder Bay Hydro to implement your plan and improve your bottom line.
Win. Your business will be more energy and financially efficient

Program Overview

Receive up to 50% of project costs to replace existing, inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment. Retrofit program incentives include the following upgrades:

  • Lighting retrofit
  • Lighting controls
  • HVAC redesign
  • Variable speed drives
  • Implementation of new operating procedures

Program Incentives

  • Receive up to 50% of project costs in Retrofit incentives
  • Participants can create a retrofit plan specific to the company’s own financial capability
  • Multi-phase projects are encouraged


  • Company and facility must be a general service account holder with Thunder Bay Hydro;
  • Owner / leaseholder of the facility;
  • Facility must be used for commercial purposes;
  • Participant lease holders must have written approval from landlord(s) to make changes to the premise

More Information

For more information, click here
Email retrofit(at)
Phone 807-343-1143

Program Success Stories

What motivates local businesses to save energy? How does a retrofit improve an atmosphere and happy customers?

Prospector Burger Barn

Retrofit: High performance T8 Fixtures and LED Sign lighting
Total Equipment Costs: $4,982.68
Total Incentive: $2,468.00
Total Energy Savings: 35,137 kWh

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

Retrofit: High bay LED Lighting and Exterior LED Lighting
Total Equipment Cost: $6,654.13
Total Incentive: $2,500.00
Total Energy Savings: 24,398 kWh

Kangas Sauna

Retrofit: Replaced old lamps with 220 new LED Lamps
Total Equipment Costs: $1,925.00
Total Incentive: $770.00
Total Energy Savings: 4,646 kWh