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Block Heater Timer

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Winter can be hard on your vehicle and
your electricity bill.

Your vehicle deserves some Z’s and you don’t need the extra cost or effort. Instead of plugging in your vehicle late at night before bed, let the timer do it for you!

Save on Energy and your electricity bill this winter with a FREE Block Heater Timer from Thunder Bay Hydro.

Make an appointment today. An Energy Advisor will come to your home for installation all free of charge. (Limited quantities available).

Call 1-888-855-3106 or email BHTPilot(at) to register.

That little plug hanging from the grills of every vehicle is important to you. A Save on Energy Block Heater Timer is even more important. The simple device gets you to work on time and helps your block heater keep the motor of your vehicle warm and cozy.

Benefits of using a Block Heater Timer:

  • A Block Heater Timer keeps your engine warm to protect several parts and components of your vehicle and makes it easier to get it started.
  • When the engine starts, it pumps oil through the engine block to lubricate moving parts. When the temperature drops, the oil is thick and doesn't flow like it should. A block heater ensures that oil is able to flow properly, and also helps warm up the coolant in your vehicle, so it gets nice and warm FAST for your commute.
  • A cold engine burns more gas and produces more tailpipe emissions. So idling your vehicle for 10 or 15 minutes to warm up your car isn't such a hot idea as you are polluting and burning more gas than you would if you were driving.
  • Plugging in your car before you start it can help lower emissions and your gas bill and improves your fuel economy.
  • By not plugging in your car, a cold start is harder on your engine and really wears out your vehicles parts and battery.
  • A block heater timer can reduce your energy consumption and save up to $25 a year on your winter bills.

How long should your vehicle be plugged in?


You only need to use your block heater when the temperature drops to -15°C.

When should you plug it in?

Your block heater only needs four hours to warm your engine before it starts.

With your new block heater timer you can set it to turn on a few hours before you think you will leave the house.


For instructions on how to use your NEW Block Heater Timer, click here.