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Block Heater Timer Program

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Receive a free block heater timer

Vehicles only need to be plugged in for four hours in order to keep the engine warm during the cold, winter months.  With a block heater timer, your vehicle will only draw power for four hours even though it is plugged in to an outlet all night.  The less time your vehicle is plugged in means a lower electricity bill for you. 

Why do you need a block heater timer?

When your vehicle gets cold, so does its oil, and when your oil gets cold, many parts of your vehicle will not function well until it warms up. With a cold start, the following issues can arise in your vehicle:

  • Oil thickens and does not lubricate mechanical parts completely.
  • Stress is put on your starter because your vehicle takes longer to turnover.
  • Causes early wear on your car battery.
  • Your cabin is as cold inside as it is outside, so it is very cold when you get in.

Installing a block heater timer rids any unnecessary wear and tear caused by cold starts.

When should you use your free block heater timer?

  • Your vehicle should be plugged into your new block heater timer when the temperature forecast is below -15°C.
  • Your new block heater timer only needs four hours to effectively warm up your vehicle, so you can set your new block heater timer according to your schedule.

What are the benefits of a block heater timer?

  • Prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle’s mechanical parts.
  • Speeds up the heating of the vehicle cabin, so your daily commute can begin in warmth.
  • Helps lower emissions and improves your fuel economy.
  • Reduces your energy consumption and saves up to $25 / year on your electricity bills.

How do I get a block heater timer?

If you are a Thunder Bay Hydro customer and would like a free blocker heater timer, call 1-888-855-3106 OR email BHTPilot(at)

For instructions on how to use your new Block Heater Timer, click here.