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Kenora Merger

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Who Are the Companies Involved?

TBHydroCOL3in.jpg Thunder Bay Hydro has 130 employees who are dedicated to the delivery of electricity for 50,700 customers in the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

 Kenora Hydro Logo.pngKenora Hydro has 12 employees who are dedicated to the delivery of electricity to 5,600 customers within the City of Kenora, Ontario.

Both companies share similar corporate values and have already worked together for years.They each employ a highly trained workforce that is committed to safety and has earned good customer satisfaction scores.

What we are planning

Thunder Bay Hydro and Kenora Hydro will merge into one company that serves both communities.  The current owners (City of Thunder Bay and City of Kenora) will retain proportional ownership of the new company.

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The electrical industry itself is evolving in giant leaps and the ability to adapt is essential.

The province’s electricity industry is becoming more complex. Customer needs are increasing as technology changes create new expectations.

While each company has continued to work at becoming more efficient, we need to be better resourced to reduce the upward pressure on future distribution rate increases. 

Each company's respective Boards of Directors have discussed the options to manage the changing environment for several years. This merger was recommended as offering the best available outcomes for customers and the owners.

Future Benefits

By working together, we can achieve economies of scale and enhance our capability to serve our customers.  This involves positioning ourselves to:


  • Enhance productivity and control costs;
  • Embrace future service delivery options such as electric vehicles and solar battery storage;
  • Access specialized skills and technical resources;
  • Have the administrative capacity to negotiate a regulatory and technical landscape that is growing exceedingly complex.


What Will Customers Experience?

Upon the  completion of the merger, local distribution rates will remain the same in each community. Customers will notice little to no change in their electricity service. Local ownership and accountability will be continued. The new company will retain a local workforce to service and maintain power lines and equipment in each community.

However, as customers of a newly formed company, they can look forward to enjoying access to new channels of customer communication and future distribution rates that will reflect the company’s enhanced efficiencies.

Planned Time Frame


  • The MAAD Application was approved by the Ontario Energy Board on November 15, 2018. 
  • All related documents are found at the Ontario Energy Board website.

For More Information

Please see the news release announcing the merge talks from October 2016.

The Memorandum of Understanding is the document that outlines the framework for the discussion. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please fill out the form below.