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Our Local Advisory Council (LAC) represents the voice of Thunder Bay Hydro’s customer. The LAC will offer input on customer needs and expectations to help shape plans the company is making to manage an evolving electricity industry.

Council Membership

The council members participate on a volunteer basis. The council will consist of one or more members from each of the customer classes (residential, commercial and industrial). The council will be co-chaired by a customer representative and a Thunder Bay Hydro employee. Members will be appointed to the Council through an application process and will serve a two (2) year term with a two (2) year renewal option. 


  1. The LAC will represent the customer’s perspective and provide feedback on system planning, strategy and policies. The LAC will focus on decisions that will impact customers and provide Thunder Bay Hydro with valuable input.
  2. The LAC will consider and advise on issues referred by Thunder Bay Hydro senior management.
  3. The LAC will prepare a report for the Board of Directors every year outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the LAC. The report will include highlights of the LAC’s advisory as well as any suggestions for improvement.


Decision making will be made through discussion and consensus whenever possible. All decisions will strive to be data-driven where possible. Time limited sub-committees may be struck to deal with specific issues as required.

Frequency of Meetings

There will be no less than four (4) meetings a year. Agendas will be prepared and delivered electronically one week prior to each meeting. Minutes will be electronically distributed within two weeks after each meeting.

Reporting and Relationship Structure

  • Provide feedback on the distribution system plan and any customer facing interactions.
  • Provide when asked, feedback to senior management on company direction that has a material impact on customers.
  • All meetings will have minutes. It will be the Thunder Bay Hydro co-chair’s responsibility to ensure any action items are brought to senior management prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Members Duties and Responsibilities

Members are required to:

1) Attend meetings and engage in discussion.
2) Maintain confidentiality and work within Thunder Bay Hydro’s policies and strategies.
3) Keep the co-chairs aware of any change to situation (ie. availability, contact information, participation).
4) Review and provide feedback on all requested topics.
5) General discussion and debate of relevant issues.
6) Agree to keep discussion and debate on topics that are relevant to the local distribution company.
7) Attend the orientation session to understand the Ontario electricity system and Thunder Bay Hydro’s role within it.

Local Advisory Council Co-Chairs Responsibilities

1) Set the agenda and provide input to minutes where appropriate.
2) Provide updates to senior management as required.
3) Represent the LAC outside of LAC meetings; this may include travel, industry meetings, etc.
4) Assist in recruitment of other LAC members.
5) Work in collaboration with Thunder Bay Hydro communications to provide a public face to the LAC.