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Information for NEW Customers

Click on the questions below to access links and answers that new Thunder Bay Hydro Customers might have:

MyTBHYDRO is our online portal to download your statement and view and compare your electricity use.

You can view your consumption on an hourly and daily basis

A security deposit is required if you are a new customer to Thunder Bay Hydro. There are options to waive the security deposit requirement. Please visit out Deposit Policy page to find out more information.

Electricity is a commodity that is purchased based on the amount used. Various other charges are based on the generation, distribution and regulation of the industry. Learn more about the charges on your bill here.

In Ontario, electricity prices change based on the season, the time of day and day of the week. The rates are set provincially twice a year. Learn more about Time of Use Rates.

Electricity is billed monthly based on consumption that has been previously used. Always check the second page of your bill to see your billing usage period.

The day you get your bill, you should make arrangements to pay it. The due date is the final day that payment is accepted as 'on time'. You need to ensure that the payment arrives and can be processed by the due date.

To learn more about how you can make a payment and to view our payment plan options, please visit our Payment Page.

This website is full of information from electrical safety to information about the province's electricity system.
You can access topics by typing something into the search bar located in the top right corner or use the menu system to find your area of enquiry.
A good place to start may be our FAQs.