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Monthly Billing

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Transition to Monthly Billing

As of the end of 2016, Thunder Bay Hydro has moved all its customers to monthly billing.

Residential Customers

Thunder Bay Hydro has historically billed residential customers around a bi-monthly cycle.  This cycle historically reflected the work of meter readers who walked to each residence in the city to read their electricity meter. With Smart Meters, we receive meter readings electronically.

After a transition bill, residential customers can expect to be billed for about 30 days of electricity use each month.  The period covered will vary for each residential customer.

This move is expected to make your household budgeting easier, with smaller bills coming in regularly on a monthly cycle.

Business Customers

Business customers had already been billed monthly.  The period covered currently may have previously spanned over two different months. 

Throughout the summer of 2016, most of our low-volume business customers were shifted to ‘calendar month’ billing. This means that the bill period for your statement will cover from the first to last day of the previous month.

This should make it easier to track in your accounting processes.


Transition Bills

The transition of our billing cycles was completed by the end of December 2016.

During the transition, you may have noticed that a billing period is either longer or shorter than you normally expect.  Check the billing period found on the second page of your bill.

You are on monthly billing after this transition bill. 

You can then expect to receive monthly bills around the same time each month after thatYour billing ‘period’ may fluctuate slightly because of weekends and holidays.

Comparisons with the History Graph

As the transition to monthly billing takes place, you may notice that the graph for your current consumption does not compare well with the history of consumption. This is because past bills were based on a ~2 month cycle of meter read compilations.  

If you wish to compare your current consumption with past dates, you can do it online under the "MY USAGE" category when you sign up for MyTBHYDRO.  

Tools to make it easy

Sign up for MyTBHYDRO.  You’ll receive a bill notification by email that lets you know the amount due and the date it is due.  Use this email to set a payment reminder on your calendar.  You can also click on a link within that email to sign in online and view your daily electricity consumption and download a pdf of your bill for your records. Learn more about MyTBHydro.

Sign up for Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD).  With PAD, you do not need to worry about when your bill needs to be paid.  You still receive your bill (either in the mail or via email with MyTBHYDRO) but it will be paid automatically on the due date from your chequing account.  Get a PAD Application form here.

Learn more about other payment plan options.