Thunder Bay Hydro Coporation

Serving the City of Thunder Bay with electricity.



Are you ready to sign up?  Grab a recent Hydro bill and click the image below to go to our secure portal.


After you have signed up, use the handy login button at the top of our webpage to go directly to your account.  Your email notification for each new bill will also have a link to login to your account.

Need more information?

Now, you can access your electricity account online!  When you sign up for MyTBHydro, you will be able to access your current and past bills, electricity usage by the hour or day and even let us know about an upcoming move.

What are all the features of My TBHYDRO?

  • You can examine your electricity usage by the hour or day and create graphing for any 60 day period.  Graphs are colour-coded to help you see the time of use price period.
  • You’ll even see an overlay of the average temperature that may have affected the amount of electricity you used.
  • You can view, save or print past bills (up to the last 24 statements)
  • You will find a link to current bill inserts, announcements or ads from Thunder Bay Hydro.
  • You can place a request to move within the customer area for Thunder Bay Hydro.
  • You can link several different service locations to your main account profile.

Will I continue to receive paper bills?

No. Your email message will provide you with the amount owing and the date your bill is due. You may then log in to print, save or view the full bill. Please pay your bill based on this message.

What do I need to activate my account?

  1. You will need both your customer number as well as your meter number.  This is easily found on any current hydro bill.
  2. You will also need to provide us with a current email address.  This will also become your permanent login name.
  3. You will need to create a password and make note of it somewhere secure for future access.

What if I forget my password?

The system will allow you to reset your password by using the email address that you provided as your permanent login name.

Can I change my account details?

MyTBHYDRO will display the information that we have on account for you. Please contact Thunder Bay Hydro Customer Service (807) 343-1111 to update us with your changes.

MyTBHYDRO Subscribers

These won't be in your mail.

Current Ads, Inserts and Notices

Your Glossary of Terms is found on the back of a paper bill.