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Opening an Account

To open a new residential account with us, you have several options.


  1. Scan two pieces of identification as described hereAcceptable file formats are: JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP (6 Megabytes maximum)
  2. Go online to our secure portal, fill in the forms and upload the scans.


Print off our forms and fax or email the completed forms with copies of acceptable identification to us at:


You can also choose to visit our Customer Service office located on the main floor of 34 Cumberland St. North. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Information Needed

1. Please ensure that you have the following information prior to applying:

  • two pieces of personal identification,
  • your telephone number,
  • complete address (and your landlord's if applicable), and
  • the date your service is to begin.

2. You will be asked to complete a Credit Information Form and to sign a contract.

3. A security deposit will be required unless you have had a hydro account previously, either with us or another hydro utility. In this case, we will waive the deposit if you had one year of good credit history on your previous account.  Read the information at the bottom of this page or see our security deposit policy page to learn more about security deposits.

Once you are signed up, you might want to visit our NEW CUSTOMER page.

Moving an Account

If you are moving to another address within Thunder Bay, you need to close your old account and open a new one. We need a minimum of five working days to make the change.


Use your online account access to provide us with moving information.



You can change your account by contacting our office with the following information:

  • your current Thunder Bay Hydro account number
  • your name, address and telephone number
  • whether you are a tenant or owner
  • your new address and telephone number
  • the final date at your existing address and the initial date at your new address
  • be prepared to provide proof of identification

You may email, phone or FAX this information.

Closing Your Account

You can close your account by notifying us at least 5 working days prior to your move. We will need to know:

  • your current Thunder Bay Hydro account number
  • your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • whether you are a tenant or owner
  • the final date on which the meter should be read, and what arrangements, if any, are required to access the meter
  • a forwarding address for your final bill
  • the name of the new occupant/owner

You can FAX the information to (807) 343-1044 or email it to Customer Service

You can call us* (343-1111) or visit our office as well.

*Requests for physical disconnection of a service are required in writing.


Security Deposits

Security Deposits are charged for new accounts. For complete details, please contact Customer Accounts at 343-1111 or read our Policy for Security Deposits..

We will waive Security Deposits for residential customers provided:

  • a letter from either a Canadian gas or electric utility is submitted confirming a good payment history* in the previous 24 months, or
  • proof of a minimum 700 credit score is provided

* A good payment history includes: not more than one Disconnect Notice; not more than one cheque or pre-authorized payment returned for insufficient funds; and no disconnections or collect trips.

Deposit Payment Options:

Please see our Payment Options Page.

Security Deposit Interest:

Your Security Deposit earns interest at a rate of 2% less than the Bank of Canada's prime business rate (updated quarterly). The interest is credited to your account at least once every 12 months or on return of your security deposit or upon closure of your account, whichever comes first.

Return of Residential Security Deposit:

Your security deposit is reviewed after one year of full payment history. Based on this review, your deposit amount is re-calculated based on your past year's bills. If the amount of the deposit is to be adjusted upward, the adjustment will be applied to your hydro bill and your deposit held for another year. If no adjustment is required and you have a good payment history, the deposit will be credited back to you on your hydro bill.

Paying Your Bill

A variety of payment methods are available.  See our payment options page.