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As a locally-owned utility, the citizens look to us to give back to the community. Supporting local community activities offers Thunder Bay Hydro the opportunity to improve the quality of life in our service area.

Thunder Bay Hydro allocates funds annually to be used for sponsoring or donating to community projects or events that fit our criteria. Ongoing projects which occur in more than one fiscal period will be considered on a case-by-case basis for continued participation by the utility.

The allocation includes work in lieu of a monetary donation, with the work valued at a minimum of the labour and materials used (overheads optional at the discretion of management).


Given that Thunder Bay Hydro's sole shareholder is the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay and most of its employees live in the city, the utility recognizes that it has a vested interest in spreading its culture of SAFETY and improving the QUALITY OF LIFE in the community it serves.  In order to be considered, projects must relate to utility priorities

  1. SAFETY,
    but also considering those specific projects that relate to
  2. the environment, or
  3. community-based initiatives related to our business and endeavours that benefit local people, thus improving the quality of life here in the city of Thunder Bay.

The project or event must:

  • take place within Thunder Bay Hydro's service area -that is within city limits.
  • be created to benefit the people who live in Thunder Bay Hydro's service area.
  • have a clear purpose and defined need in one of our priority areas
  • provide useful visibility for Thunder Bay Hydro, enhancing its public reputation or provide an opportunity for us to reach our target audience (local customers) with a safety message.

Who Qualifies?

Financial support is limited to local groups who can have a cheque made out to the group or event name. We do not donate to individuals or to those projects that specifically promote the ideology of any one religion or political party.  We prioritize direct requests and donations over third-party or general fundraising.


Donations are only given where an authorized charitable tax receipt will be provided. Groups must be able to process paperwork within the same quarter that the funds are received.


Sponsorships are considered where no tax receipt is available. An invoice must be supplied before a cheque is issued for sponsorships.

Requests for national or provincial causes or events need to prove local representation and benefit as well as originate from a local source.

Review some past support projects by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

To Apply

First, review our criteria to make sure your request is eligible.

Requests will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.  
Requests for each quarter must be received BEFORE the end of the previous quarter to be considered.

Timing for your request is outlined below:

Before For decisions/confirmations needed in:
December 15 January, February, March
March 15 April, May, June
June 15 July, August, September
September 15 October, November December

When deciding when your confirmation is needed, please consider poster print/artwork decisions and advertising schedules.  For example, if you have a June 15 deadline for a summer event, we should be considering your request in our March meeting.

Larger requests should be provided earlier in the year.  Please identify how your request fulfils our criteria.

Please fill in the Donation form and forward it along with any supporting letters, brochures or documentation to :

Charitable Donation/Sponsorship Request
Eileen Dias, Communications & Events Coordinator 
Thunder Bay Hydro
34 N. Cumberland Street
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4L4

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