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Power Line Safety

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How Safe are YOU around power lines?

If you were to do a household project that required digging – such as planting a tree or building a deck – would you call to locate electrical or other underground utilities before you began?

Underground Utility lines can be found throughout the city. Before you place a shovel in the ground, you should call before you dig. IT IS THE LAW.

Ontario One Call provides a free service to locate underground utilities at or by phoning 1-800-400-2255.

Learn more at the Call Before You Dig page.

Is it dangerous to touch an overhead power line either with your body or an object?

It is very dangerous to touch an overhead power line. You could be killed!

When doing outdoor activities such as standing on a ladder, cleaning windows or eaves, climbing or trimming trees, how close can you safely come to an overhead power line?

Keep yourself or any object you're using a minimum of 3 meters (10 feet) away from overhead power lines.


Some electrical equipment is located in locked steel cabinets called transformers. How dangerous do you think it is to try to open or touch the equipment inside?

It is very dangerous to try to open or touch the equipment inside.

Power lines can come down off of their hydro poles in storms or because of impact with the poles. How close do you believe you can come to a downed power line?

If you see a downed power line maintain a distance of at least 10 meters (33 feet) about the length of a school bus. Report the downed line to 911 immediately and warn others not to approach. Call Thunder Bay Hydro once you are safely away from the line.

If you were in an accident and a power line came into contact with your vehicle, would you stay in your vehicle or get out quickly?

You should stay in your vehicle until emergency workers are able to tell you that the power is disconnected. Learn by watching the video below: