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Reconnecting After a Flood

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Electrical equipment and wiring that has been exposed to water through flooding may be dangerous if re-energized without proper evaluation and reconditioning or replacement by qualified persons. Power should be disconnected at the service by ensuring that the main switch is left in the “off” position until all electrical equipment has been tested.

If your power has been disconnected because of rising water, Thunder Bay Hydro must receive authorization from the Electrical Safety Authority in order to restore your power.

The following Electrical Safety Authority documents may be of interest:

Documentation for Insurance or Other Claim

  1. For insurance or other claim purposes, Thunder Bay Hydro will be able to provide a letter documenting any additional cost for electricity incurred that may have been related to flood clean-up.
  2. Customers need to request the information by calling our customer services with their name, affected address and account number.

Call 343-1111 during business hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. After hours, you can send your request via email.

Will Thunder Bay Hydro Provide a Rebate?

This is not a rebate program. We will document any increase in electricity use for the period following the May 28 flooding incident and compare this consumption to the same period during the previous year. The cost difference will be calculated and provided as part of the documentation.

Will I still have to pay my full electrical bill?

Customers are responsible to pay Thunder Bay Hydro for the use of electricity. The documentation is for the purposes of presenting a claim with your house insurance or the Thunder Bay Flood Relief Fund.

When can I call for this?

You can call to request the documentation at any time. Because of billing periods, we need to wait until a comparable billing period has passed in order to properly do a comparison. This is expected to be started in early August.